Vol 5 No 1 (1996): Media Konservasi

Observation on Waterbirds in Indramayu-Cirebon Coastal Area, West Java

W Widodo (Unknown)
Yus Rusila Noor (Unknown)
S Wirjoatmodjo (Unknown)

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18 Jan 2011


A waterbird observation was conducted in October and November 1990 along the northern coast of West Java from lndramayu to Cirebon. During the study 27 waterbird species of 10 families were recorded. They inhabited two different types of habitats, i.e., pond and mudflat habitats, where several kinds of food resources can be found in large numbers, especially species feed on insects and other benthic invertebrate. More attention are needed for two species i.e., Oriental Pralincole and Milky Stork. The Oriental Pratincole, Glnrroln maldiwarum, is a good insect predator in the paddy field, but its population is threatened due to overcaptured by local people for food. Glareoln mcrldi~~nrumis the most abundant species while Ixohrychus cint~nmomeusa ndAmnurornisphocnicurus are the rarest.

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