MIMBAR (Jurnal Sosial dan Pembangunan)
Volume 30, No. 1, Year 2014 [Accredited by Ristekdikti]

Model Pelayanan Investasi Di Kota Medan Sumatera Utara

Erika Revida (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences USU Medan)
Sukarman Purba (Administration Faculty of Social Sciences University of North Sumatra)

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16 Jun 2014


The purpose of this research were to analyze Model of Investment Services in Medan. The benefits of this research to increase of Public Administration Science, Quality of Investment Service Model of Medan, and as a comparative study relevanttoresearchin the future.The method of this research were combination of qualitative and quantitative researh. Respondents are entrepreneurs who come asking for investment services in Medan as many as 60 people. Head of research informants is BPMD and apparatus that provide investment services in the city of Medan. Qualitative analysis techniques used by data reduction, data presentation and interpretation of data. For quantitative analysis techniques used with descriptive statistics.The results showed that the model of investment services in Medan have not responsive to the needs of investors and not gender responsive. Therefore, the need improvement through institutional aspects, namely Regulation, Human Resources, Coordination and Transparency and Participation of Investors.

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