MIMBAR (Jurnal Sosial dan Pembangunan)
Volume 34, No. 2, Year 2018 [Accredited Ranking Sinta 2]

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Development of Prostitution Services in the Cianjur Regency

Mia Amalia (Universitas Suryakancana)

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10 Dec 2018


Construction of villas in the Puncak Cipanas area of Cianjur Regency turned out to cause problems in the practice of prostitution which was increasing, so that the prostitutes did not only come from outside the Cianjur district, even many prostitutes came from abroad. The purpose of this article is to analyze the factors that led to the development of prostitution services in Cianjur Regency. The research method used in this article is a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques used are interview techniques conducted on 50 CSWs. With analytical techniques developed by Straruss and Corbin. The conclusion of this article is the factors of poverty, unemployment, education level, consumerism and the construction of villas, hotels and the like are factors that cause the development of prostitution in Cianjur district. The efforts made by the Cianjur Regency Government to eradicate the practice of prostitution are still not effective. Efforts to prevent and eliminate the practice of prostitution cannot only be from a policy, legal and moral approach but also through social, economic, cultural and human rights protection approaches.

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