Jurnal INKOM
Vol 8, No 1 (2014)

Parallel Algorithms for Spatial Rainfall Distribution

Latifah, Arnida Lailatul (Unknown)
Nurhadiyatna, Adi (Unknown)

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Publish Date
08 Dec 2014


This paper proposes parallel algorithms for precipitation of flood modelling, especially applied in spatial rainfall distribution. As an important input in flood modelling, spatial distribution of rainfall is always needed as a pre-conditioned model. In this paper two interpolation methods, Inverse distance weighting (IDW) and Ordinary kriging (OK) are discussed. Both are developed in parallel algorithms in order to reduce the computational time. To measure the computation efficiency, the performance of the parallel algorithms are compared to the serial algorithms for both methods. Findings indicate that: (1) the computation time of OK algorithm is up to 23% longer than IDW; (2) the computation time of OK and IDW algorithms is linearly increasing with the number of cells/ points; (3) the computation time of the parallel algorithms for both methods is exponentially decaying with the number of processors. The parallel algorithm of IDW gives a decay factor of 0.52, while OK gives 0.53; (4) The parallel algorithms perform near ideal speed-up.

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