Jurnal Teknik Industri
Vol. 12 No. 1 (2010): JUNE 2010

Pemetaan Penderita Pneumonia di Surabaya dengan Menggunakan Geostatistik

Stefanie Hartanto (Fakultas Teknologi Industri, Jurusan Teknik Industri, Universitas Kristen Petra)
Siana Halim (Fakultas Teknologi Industri, Jurusan Teknik Industri, Universitas Kristen Petra)
Oviliani Yenty Yuliana (Fakultas Teknologi Industri, Jurusan Teknik Informatika, Universitas Kristen Petra)

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19 May 2010


In this paper we mapped the location of Pneumonia disease in Surabaya. We also analyse the survival of the afflicted and predict the spread of the disease using Kriging. The study reveals that after 45 days in the hospital, the survival of the Pneumonia’s patients decrease to 46.8%. Moreover, the centers of this disease are in Tubanan and Sukomanunggal Both of these regions are in West Surabaya which also is an industrial part of the city.

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