JPTK: Jurnal Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan
Vol 23, No 3 (2017): (May)

Learning Goals Achievement of a Teacher in Professional Development

Siti Marfu’ah (Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Post Graduate School, UNY)
Istanto Wahyu Djatmiko (Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering, UNY)
Moh. Khairudin (Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering, UNY)

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30 Apr 2017


This study aimed to describe the achievement of teacher learning in cognitive, affective and psychomotor in conducting professional development. This study was categorized as a descriptive study. The respondents of this study were teachers and students in the Department of Electrical Engineering at a Vocational Secondary School in Bangka Belitung. Methods of data collection used questionnaires. The data were analyzed with descriptive analysis. The results of this study consisted of: (1) teachers’ opinion, most teachers had worked very well in learning of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor, (2) students’ opinion, several teachers had succeeded in cognitive learning, and managed very well on affective and psychomotor learning.

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