Jurnal Riset Kimia
Vol 11, No 1 (2020): March

Struktur dan Sifat Dielektrik Senyawa Aurivillius CaBi3LaTi4O15 yang Disintesis dengan Teknik Hidrotermal

Zulhadjri, Zulhadjri (Unknown)
Amir, Firmanul Qadri (Unknown)
Mahmud, Marsal (Unknown)
Septiani, Upita (Unknown)
Arief, Syukri (Unknown)

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Publish Date
30 Mar 2020


Synthesis of four-layer Aurivillius CaBi3LaTi4O15 has been successfully carried out by hydrothermal technique using NaOH 4 M as mineralizer. The reaction was carried out at 220 °C for 72 h. Crystal structure, morphology, and dielectric properties were analyzed in this study. X-ray diffraction confirmed that the single-phase product was successfully obtained. The refinement result shows the product has orthorhombic crystal structure with space group A21am. The morphology analyzed using SEM shows plate-like grains are observed, which is characteristic of Aurivillius phase. Dielectric curves show peaks at 585 °C which indicate ferroelectric transition temperature.

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