Jurnal Matematika: MANTIK
Vol. 5 No. 2 (2019): Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

The Local Antimagic On Disjoint Union of Some Family Graphs

Marsidi Marsidi (IKIP PGRI JEMBER)
Ika Hesti Agustin (Universitas Jember)

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27 Oct 2019


A graph in this paper is nontrivial, finite, connected, simple, and undirected. Graph consists of a vertex set and edge set. Let u,v be two elements in vertex set, and q is the cardinality of edge set in G, a bijective function from the edge set to the first q natural number is called a vertex local antimagic edge labelling if for any two adjacent vertices and , the weight of is not equal with the weight of , where the weight of (denoted by ) is the sum of labels of edges that are incident to . Furthermore, any vertex local antimagic edge labelling induces a proper vertex colouring on where is the colour on the vertex . The vertex local antimagic chromatic number is the minimum number of colours taken over all colourings induced by vertex local antimagic edge labelling of . In this paper, we discuss about the vertex local antimagic chromatic number on disjoint union of some family graphs, namely path, cycle, star, and friendship, and also determine the lower bound of vertex local antimagic chromatic number of disjoint union graphs. The chromatic numbers of disjoint union graph in this paper attend the lower bound.

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