IJAIT (International Journal of Applied Information Technology)
Vol 3 No 02 (2019)

Dissemination Application for Early Warning in a Community

Tora Fahrudin (School of Applied Science, Telkom University, Indonesia)
Kastaman Kastaman (School of Applied Science, Telkom University, Indonesia)

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03 Jun 2020


The development of sensor technology for early warning at an affordable price makes it possible to be implemented in the community. Therefore, an application is needed to send this early warning information to community members and warning response centers in real-time by considering the distance from the location of the incident. So, in this research, we proposed a dissemination application for early warning in a community (DissApps). The application was build using Code Igniter Framework, MySQL database, Mapquests, and Wablas API. This application can be used for disseminating emergency response situations such as thievery, a natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, forest fire.

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