Resolusi: Jurnal Sosial Politik
Vol 3 No 1 (2020)

Jejaring Kelembagaan Bawaslu dalam Penanganan Pelanggaran Pemilihan Umum Serentak Tahun 2019

Setiawan, Andi (Unknown)
Ulfah, Irma Fitriana (Unknown)
Bachtiar, Rizqi (Unknown)

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26 Jun 2020


Elections are a way of changing leadership carried out by democratic countries. In Indonesia there are election management institutions including the KPU, Bawaslu and DKPP. Each of these institutions has their own duties and functions and makes it possible to cooperate with each other. Not long ago, Indonesia held a Simultaneous Election held in 2019 which has more complexity than the previous election. With the complexity of the problem, demanding that the election organizers act more effectively so that the election administration runs well. This paper describes the strategic steps in carrying out the functions of the institution through relations between institutions and stakeholders. The conclusion of this paper shows that the Indonesian Election Supervisory Body as one of the organizing institutions in carrying out its supervisory functions conduct relationships between institutions which are categorized into four subjects, namely: (1) Government Institutions, (2) Non Government Organizations (NGOs), (3) Universities, and (4) Media.

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