JOIN (Jurnal Online Informatika)
Vol 5, No 1 (2020)

Virtual Reality Headset Implementation on Parsec Cloud Gaming Platform

Rahadiansyah, Muhammad Fadhil (Unknown)
Muldina, Ridha (Unknown)
Sussi, Sussi (Unknown)

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16 Jul 2020


Virtual reality (VR) based games are a type of game that provides immersive gaming experience, allowing players to dive into the virtual world of the game being played. VR-based games require a high minimum computer specification, so thin clients cannot play VR-based games properly. This research aims to see how to enable thin computers to play VR-based games by utilizing cloud gaming technology. Using a high specification computer as a server, an android device as a VR headset, this Final Project implements a VR headset device so that it can be used in conjunction with cloud gaming services to be able to play VR-based games on thin computers and see how well the implementation by seeing the result from computer resources used and the Quality of Services. With Parsec cloud gaming services, the application carried out in this Final Project can run well on computers with low specifications. CPU usage on the client computer when the service is running is high at 91% usage, with 2818 MB RAM usage. Quality of Service is obtained when setting the highest quality preset, with a throughput of 16MB with a delay of about 2 ms. VR games that are played can run well with a minimum bandwidth of 15 Mbps selected from the Frame per Second (FPS) results obtained to reach 56 FPS with medium quality settings.

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