Jurnal Ilmiah Vastuwidya
Vol 3, No 1 (2020)

Exploration of Spatial Design Issues at Backpacker Hostels in Budapest’s Historic Center; Sebuah Review Terhadap Informality dan Adaptasi Desain di Kawasan Budapest, Hungaria

Ni Putu Suda Nurjani (Universitas Mahendradatta)

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16 Jun 2020


Transformation is something that cannot be avoided by everyone. Like wise with the change of a region as a phenomenon that can not be avoided by any country in the world. Many researchers who try to review more about the phenomenon of change as a form of adaptation or adjustment to the new environment. However, in developing an area many factors must be considered. When a previous area has a high historical value, the change becomes a technical matter that requires a thorough study. Like this study by Gergely Horryn et al (2017). In this study, Gergely Horryn et al tried to make an alternative hostels design for the development of the Budapest, Hungary region. Given the high historical value of this city, the authors use the method of comparing literature with design feedback from field observations. The design changes were made based on consideration of the historical value of the city, the interior of the room, and the shape of the building to be displayed. From several fedbcak designs, a conclusion about the design of hostels cube are then termed Hc.

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