Jurnal Ilmiah Satyagraha
Vol 2, No 1 (2019)

Pengaruh Gaya Kepemimpinan Dan Budaya Organisasi Terhadap Kepuasan Kerja Untuk Meningkatkan Kinerja Karyawan Matahari Departement Store Duta Plaza Di Denpasar

Ni Luh Kardini (Universitas Mahendradatta)

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08 Jun 2020


Employee contributions will be important if done with effective actions and behave correctly. Not only the amount of effort but also the direction of the business. The nature, effort or willingness to work as well as the various things that constitute organizational support is very important for the success of employee performance. In this study analyze the problems faced by employees of Matahari Department Store Duta Plaza, some of them feel there is dissatisfaction in work so that this affects the poor performance. Empirical test conducted on 120 employees to obtain data about leadership style and organizational culture that had been considered has not been able to provide hope for employees. Analyzer used in this research is Structural Equation Model (SEM). The result of SEM analysis has fulfilled the criteria of the model of Goodness of Fit Index Criteria: chi square = 294,276, probability = 0,000, RMSEA = 0.116, GFI = 0.776, AGFI = 0.697, CFI = 0.829. All meet the criteria, except RMSEA and AGFI are marginal. The results of this study indicate that organizational culture is not significant influence on job satisfaction is not significant to performance, organizational culture is not significant effect on performance, leadership style is not significant effect on performance either directly or indirectly through job satisfaction. Job satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on employee performance. On the basis of these results, the managerial implications that can be suggested are the improvement of job satisfaction and performance can be achieved by creating and maintaining a culture of involvement in corporate culture, applying participative leadership style in line with providing satisfactory salary levels for employees.

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