Journal of Health (JoH)
Vol 7 No 1 (2020): Journal of Health - January 2020

Deteksi Dini Terpadu Kesehatan Jiwa Masyarakat Dalam Meningkatkan Kewaspadaan Masyarakat Di Salah Satu Dusun Di Gunungkidul 2020

Ruthy Ngapiyem (STIKES Bethesda Yakkum Yogyakarta)
Erik Adik Putra Bambang Kurniawan (STIKES Bethesda Yakkum Yogyakarta)

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28 Apr 2020


Mental health is one of the significant health problems arising from the inability of individuals to manage stress which will direct individual behavior to destructive behavior where the peak of the behavior is suicide. Gunungkidul Regency is the area that ranks first in the national suicide rate, where one of these areas is located in a research location in a hamlet in Gunungkidul with suicides due to mental health problems. The level of awareness of a person against mental disorders varies and the level of sensitivity is different. Early detection is very necessary to screen for mental health problems early using the Self Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ) to minimize the vulnerability of citizens experiencing psychiatric problems that are often referred to as people with psychiatric problems. Descriptive analysis results illustrate that of the 43 respondents who experienced mental emotional distress or mental stress that led to a number of 11 respondents (25.6%). Based on these results it can be concluded that there is a picture of emotional mental distress or distress that leads to mental disorders in the community in one of the village in Gunungkidul 2020.

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