Journal of Social Studies (JSS)
Vol 16, No 1 (2020): Journal of Social Studies (JSS)

The problem of poor student education: Capital limitation & decision making in higher education

Kartika, Rika (Unknown)

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Publish Date
24 Sep 2020


This study aims to analyze how poor students learning problems are within the limitations of capital. And then, to explore how the decision making of poor students to continue higher education. The study was conducted at a private high school, East Jakarta, using a qualitative approach and case study method. Data collection techniques with interviews, observation, and study documents. The problem of low student education will continue as long as social class differences exist. The contrast of social class plays a role in almost all aspects of education, like learning achievement and educational choices differences. This study shows poor students' inability to get learning achievement because limited economic capital makes the other money little. Poor students who have low achievement don't pursue higher education. They chose to work early, appearing almost as an "unconscious strategy" to survive in an environment full of restrictions and shortcomings. This confirms the existence of poor student habitus that determines in explaining the disposition to work early. And then, poor students who have high achievements tend to go college but resisted the risk of not choose a favorite public university.

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