Voteteknika (Vocational Teknik Elektronika dan Informatika)
Vol 6, No 1 (2018): Januari - Juni 2018

Analisis Persepsi Kemanfaatan Sistem Informasi Portal Akademik STMIK-AMIK Jayanusa Padang berdasarkan Faktor Human,Oorganization, dan Technology

Ana Assyukra (Unknown)
Muhammad Adri (Unknown)
Zulhendra Zulhendra (Unknown)

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29 Mar 2018


This study aims to determine the perceptions of benefits about the information system that has been applied in STMIK-AMIK Jayanusa Padang . And to know the contribution of human, organization, and technology users as part factor of human , organization , and technology to the perceived usefullness Portal Information System on STMIK-AMIK Jayanusa Padang . This research was conducted by analyzing the influence of users of portal information system on the perception of expediency , in this case based on factors Human Organization Technology. The result of data analysis shows that human , organization , and technology variables together significantly influence 72% towards perceived usefullnes  information system of Academic portal STMIK-AMIK Jayanusa Padang . So it can be concluded that the factor of human , organization , and technology has contributed to the perception of the system's usefulness . If each variable has a higher correlation it will increase the perception of exposure to Information System Academic Portal STMIK-AMIK Jayanusa Padang. The better human, organization, technology owned by STMIK-AMIK Jayanusa Padang will be the higher the perception of expediency Academic Portal Information System at STMIK-AMIK Jayanusa Padang.  Keywords: Academic Information System Portal, Human, Organization, and Technology, STMIK-AMIK Jayanusa Padang

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