JAREE (Journal on Advanced Research in Electrical Engineering)
Vol 2, No 2 (2018)

A Fair User Selection Algorithm for Multi-User Massive MIMO System

Dhoni Putra Setiawan (Kumamoto University)
Hua-An Zhao (Kumamoto University)

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05 Dec 2018


Massive Multiple-input Multiple-output (Massive MIMO) system is one of the most potential candidates for the fifth-generation wireless communication. Massive-MIMO system employs a very large number of antennas which could easily reach more than a thousand antennas in the future. Instead of using an omni directional antenna which is a very popular base station antenna nowadays, massive-MIMO uses its large number of antennas to create multiple smaller beams which are transmitted directly into the intended receivers. In this paper, we develop a user-scheduling technique for Multi-user Massive-MIMO system called Fair-CDUS which is developed from charcoal distance-based user selection (CDUS) technique. Fair-CDUS aims to give more fairness to users in term of selection frequency and at the same time could maintain the total throughput performance. Some experimental scenarios with a different number of beams and a different number of receiving antenna are presented in this paper. We believe this proposed method could be a potential method to be used in Multi-user Massive-MIMO system. Keyword: Massive-MIMO, Multi-user, 5G, User Scheduling, Fairness

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