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Vol 9, No 1: April 2011

Appearance Global and Local Structure Fusion for Face Image Recognition

Arif Muntasa (Universitas Trunojoyo)
Indah Agustien Sirajudin (Universitas Trunojoyo)
Mauridhi Hery Purnomo (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember)

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01 Apr 2011


Principal component analysis (PCA) and linear descriminant analysis (LDA) are an extraction method based on appearance with the global structure features. The global structure features have a weakness; that is the local structure features can not be characterized. Whereas locality preserving projection (LPP) and orthogonal laplacianfaces (OLF) methods are an appearance extraction with the local structure features, but the global structure features are ignored. For both the global and the local structure features are very important. Feature extraction by using the global or the local structures is not enough. In this research, it is proposed to fuse the global and the local structure features based on appearance. The extraction results of PCA and LDA methods are fused to the extraction results of LPP. Modelling results were tested on the Olivetty Research Laboratory database face images. The experimental results show that our proposed method has achieved higher recognation rate than PCA, LDA, LPP and OLF Methods.

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