Jurnal RESTI (Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi)
Vol 5 No 2 (2021): April 2021

Algoritma Fungsi Perlatihan pada Machine Learning berbasis ANN untuk Peramalan Fenomena Bencana

Anjar Wanto (STIKOM Tunas Bangsa)
Sarjon Defit (Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang)
Agus Perdana Windarto (STIKOM Tunas Bangsa)

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28 Apr 2021


Research has been carried out with several training functions using standard backpropagation methods, One-Step Secant (OSS), and Bayesian regulation. The purpose of this study was to (i) analyze the Performance accuracy (Performance) of the standard backpropagation method and (ii) optimize the training function with the One-Step Secant (OSS) and Bayesian regulation methods to obtain comparison results of the three methods in the search for the best results implementation of disaster phenomenon forecasting data. The research method is based on quantitative methods with times-series data on disaster phenomena in Indonesia over the last ten years (2011-2020) which were analyzed using two network architecture models, namely 4-8-1 and 4-10-1. The results showed that the 4-8-1 architectural model with the Bayesian regulation training function method was able to optimize quite well through accelerating training time and resulted in a low MSE measurement, although not the lowest with an epoch value of 197 iterations and a Performance of 0.0148480766. The lowest epoch value is generated by the OSS method, but it Performs poorly. The best Performance is produced by the standard backpropagation method with the traingd training function, but the training process for achieving convergence is also too long. In general, it can be concluded that the 4-8-1 architectural model with Bayesian regulation can be used to predict (predict) the phenomenon of natural disasters in Indonesia because the training time to achieve convergence is not too long and Performs exceptionally well.

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