Gravity : Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian dan Pembelajaran Fisika
Vol 7, No 1 (2021)

Analisi Pengaruh Kebisingan terhadap Kinerja Pandai Besi dengan Regresi Linier

Amalia Ma'rifatul Maghfiroh (Unknown)
Zainudin Zainudin (Unknown)
Alfian Bima Chandra (Unknown)
Arum Sulistyorini (Unknown)

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03 Mar 2021


Noise in itself can be harmful or dangerous to health. The research objectives were to determine the noise value generated by blacksmiths and analyze the effect of noise levels on blacksmith performance. The research was conducted by direct observation and giving questionnaires to respondents. Data processing using the t-test to determine the level of noise and its effect on blacksmiths. This study's conclusion is the level of significant difference with the Threshold Value (NAV) set by the government, which is 99.328 dB (A). Meanwhile, the government's NAV for the work area (industry) is 85 dB (A). The simple linear regression analysis results indicate that noise in the blacksmith's work area has no significant effect on employee performance. This is shown from the test results of simple linear regression analysis through the t-test, obtained t count of -0.365 smaller than t table of 2.069 or the number sig. equal to 0.719, which is greater than α of 0.05.

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