JEEMECS (Journal of Electrical Engineering, Mechatronic and Computer Science)
Vol 3, No 2 (2020): August 2020

Location Tracking Using Bluetooth iTag

Joseph Dedy Irawan (informatics program, National Institute of Technology, Malang)
Yudi Limpraptono (electrical engineering program, National Institute of Technology, Malang)
Emmalia Adriantantri (industrial engineering program, National Institute of Technology, Malang)

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30 Aug 2020


Bluetooth iTag is an electronic technology development, particularly in the field of data communication between devices. In this study, a keychain that can communicate with other devices uses Bluetooth communication for location tracking and searching for lost items. Developing an application to determine this location starts with the connection to a Bluetooth device and continues by determining the location of the Bluetooth iTag. After tracking the location, this application can be further developed as several other applications, such as searching for lost items, monitoring the locations of young children and pets and other applications.DOI :

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