Respiratory Science
Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021): Respiratory Science

Proportion of Pneumoconiosis in Limestone Mining Workers In Citatah Village, West Bandung District

Widhy Yudistira Nalapraya (Bandung Islamic University)
Agus Dwi Susanto (University of Indonesia)
Mukhtar Ikhsan (University of Indonesia)
Muchtarrudin Mansyur (University of Indonesia)
Caecilia Marliana (Trisakti University)

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27 Feb 2021


Background: Silica, asbestos and coal dust are associated with pneumoconiosis in mining workers. The International Labor Organization (ILO) reports that 30-50% of workers in developing countries are diagnosed with pneumoconiosis. This study aims to identify pneumoconiosis in limestone mining workers in Indonesia. Method: This cross-sectional study involved 73 subjects of limestone mining workers in Citatah Village, West Bandung Regency, Indonesia. Two conclusions were similar from three AIR-Pneumo certified photo readers by blind reading and using the ILO guidelines. Result: Pneumoconiosis was found in 11/73 (15.1%). The median age of the pneumoconiosis group was older than the non-pneumoconiosis group (51 [33-63] vs. 37.5 [18-85] age in years, p = 0.013). All subjects in the pneukoniosis group worked> 6 years (p = 0.001). The highest dust concentration was in the pneumoconiosis group compared to the non-pneumoconisosis group (61.41 ± 103.98 vs. 14.92 ± 55.17 mg / m3, p = 0.030). This study showed that the length of work and the level of dust in the mine were risk factors for pneumoconiosis, although not significant (OR = 14.6, p = 0.999 and OR = 7,171, p = 0.998). Conclusion: The proportion of pneumoconiosis in lime mining workers in this study was 15.1%. Length of work and dust levels in the mine are risk factors for pneumoconiosis; but not meaningful in this study.

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