Journal of English Language Teaching and Linguistics
Journal of English Language Teaching and Linguistics, 5(2), August 2020

The Graphic Organizers (GOs) in the Development of Communicative Skills in Class Presentation

Dedi Aprianto (Universitas Bumigora)
Ikang Murapi (Universitas Bumigora)

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29 Aug 2020


This study aims at uncovering on how a language skill could properly be embedded to import another skill’s impact. The effectiveness of GOs with patterned structures and their functions can facilitate English spoken proficiency in class presentation. In order to obtain the formulated research purpose, non-participation observation had been carried out in support with video-recording. The positive effectiveness of GOs could be varying towards certain English proficiency levels; however, the negative impacts produced by the elementary learners indicate the psychological problems and the technical problems. GOs could worthily be as recommended ELL media, since they can effectively stimulate EFL intermediate learners’ intrinsic elements of learning achievement. Those therefore could effectively scaffold the intermediate learners through questioning technique in form of guided-Graphic Organizers (GOs). GOs could dynamically be incorporated into multimodal ways; by re-writing, chronological overview, and note-taking which would be employed by the upper intermediate learners. There are three situations which must be required for advanced learners; experiences-associated learning, topic-based selection, and the comprehensive understanding of GOs concepts and the topics of reading passages. Thereby, GOs can be regarded as marvelous strategies that can positively contribute to induce EFL learners’ psychological achievements and effectively promote English speaking performance.

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