Vol 11, No 2 (2020): December 2020

Career Adventure Application Development To Increase Career Maturity in Adolescents

Saputro, Billdy (Unknown)
Suwarjo, Suwarjo (Unknown)

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04 Nov 2020


Smart phones should be used to help individual activities, but it is not denied if they are used as a self-consolation device until they become addicted. For this reason, this study aims to produce an application called "career adventures" that is feasible and can improve the career maturity of adolescents, and is in harmony with developments in the disruptive era.This research used the Borg and Gall research and development model with random sampling. The number of samples chosen was 426 students who were divided into two groups as large. Career maturity scale is used as a data collection tool, which is categorized as valid and reliable at 0.834. The limited field test used analysis technique paired sample t-test and previously the prerequisite test was done.Expert validity test results showed very high feasibility and small group test results showed high feasibility based on the Guilford classification. The prerequisite test results showed that the data were normally distributed and the variant of homogeneous data groups. Paired sample t-test comparing the pretest-posttest of each group and between groups, the which resulted a significant value of 0,000 or there were differences between before and after giving the action.

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