Jurnal RESTI (Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi)
Vol 5 No 3 (2021): Juni 2021

Analisis Optimasi Algoritma Klasifikasi Naive Bayes menggunakan Genetic Algorithm dan Bagging

Agung Nugroho (Universitas Pelita Bangsa)
Yoga Religia (Universitas Pelita Bangsa)

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19 Jun 2021


The increasing demand for credit applications to banks has motivated the banking world to switch to more sophisticated techniques for analyzing the level of credit risk. One technique for analyzing the level of credit risk is the data mining approach. Data mining provides a technique for finding meaningful information from large amounts of data by way of classification. However, bank marketing data is a type of imbalance data so that if the classification is done the results are less than optimal. The classification algorithm that can be used for imbalance data types can use naïve Bayes. Naïve Bayes performs well in terms of classification. However, optimization is needed in order to obtain more optimal classification results. Optimization techniques in handling imbalance data have been developed with several approaches. Bagging and Genetic Algorithms can be used to overcome imbalance data. This study aims to compare the accuracy level of the naïve Bayes algorithm after optimization using the bagging and genetic algorithm. The results showed that the combination of bagging and a genetic algorithm could improve the performance of Naive Bayes by 4.57%.

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