Vol 7, No 1 (2021): Available in June 2021

Moderasi Pemikiran Abdul Rauf Al-Singkili di Tengah Gejolak Pemikiran Tasawuf Nusantara Abad Ke-17

Kurahman, Taufik (Unknown)
Qudsy, Saifuddin Zuhri (Unknown)

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14 Jun 2021


The thought of wahdah al-wujud in Aceh in the 16th century which was pioneered by Hamzah al-Fansuri continued to cause tragic conflicts in the following decades. When Nuruddin al-Raniri served as the mufti of the Kingdom, al-Fansuri’s wujudiyyah was labeled heretical, and his followers were considered zindiqs, even infidels. In that situation, Abdurraf al-Singkili appeared carefully not to go involved in the dispute between the two groups. This articles shows al-Singkili’s moderate thoughts in dealing with the polemic of sufisms-wujudiyyah thought above, beginning from his return from the Arabian peninsula until he served as the mufti. For this, research focuses on the al-Singkili’s ilmiyyah journey, the turmoil of Sufism in Aceh, and al-Singkili’s moderat policies. Data obtained through library research with documentation technique. The results show that al-Singkili’s moderate thought is influinced by the breadth of his knowledge. Al-Singkili was not only master in sufism, but also in fiqh. In his view, both of sufism and fiqh should be done in equal proportion.

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