Vol 23 No 1 (2022): BULETIN FISIKA

Simulasi Efek Microwave Pada Pemanasan Beberapa Komponen Dasar Bio-Oil

Wayan Trimawiasa (University of Halu Oleo)
I Nyoman Sudiana (Universitas Halu Oleo)
La Aba (Universitas Halu Oleo)

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05 Jul 2021


An investigation of the microwave effect has been carried out by simulating heating the basic components of bio oil. This research aims to produce a heating model and energy distribution of oleic acid and stearic acid component materials. The cylindrical material is placed in a cavity-shaped heating applicator using a microwave excitation frequency of 2.45 GHz through a single waveguide TE10 mode. Numerical solution using time-domain solver and transient solver succeeded in simulating the heating model of the dielectric material with the results of the energy distribution depending on the complex permittivity of the material.

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