Istinbath: Jurnal Penelitian Hukum Islam
Vol 14 No 2 (2019): Istinbath, November 2019

Praktek Nikah Paksa di Desa Cibeureum Kabupaten Ciamis

Anis Aljalis Rahmah (Institut Agama Islam Darussalam (IAID) Ciamis, Indonesia)
Sumadi Sumadi (Institut Agama Islam Darussalam (IAID) Ciamis, Indonesia)
Rudi Rudi (Institut Agama Islam Darussalam (IAID) Ciamis, Indonesia)

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05 Nov 2020


This research is motivated by the low knowledge about the importance of involving children in choosing a partner for themselves and determining their readiness for marriage, both mental and material readiness. And to inform the public that marriage on the basis of coercion is included in domestic violence. The research method used is the field research method, in which this research focuses on the results of data collection from predetermined informants. While the data collection techniques used were interviews, observation and documentation. After conducting the research, the results obtained were parents who forcibly married their children to reduce their burden materially and responsibly. Because children who are already married they consider it no longer their responsibility

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Religion Humanities Law, Crime, Criminology & Criminal Justice


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