Vol 7, No 7 (2021)

Pengaruh Mulsa Batang Jagung dan Strip Rumput terhadap Erosi Tanah pada Lahan Kering

Daromes, Marsan S.B. (Unknown)
Mawara, Jody M. (Unknown)
Sinolungan, Meldi T.M. (Unknown)

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25 Sep 2021


ABSTRACTSoil conservation has a very important role in the prospect of land development to overcomethe problem of land degradation. This study aimed to determine the effects of corn stalk mulch andgrass strip toward soil erosion of dry land. Study about some research data from Nurdin (2012)entitled "Combination of Soil Conservation Techniques and Its Effect on Corn Yield and SoilErosion in Dry Land of Biyonga Sub-watershed, Gorontalo Regency", and Jaka (2017) entitled"Effect of the Treatments of Corn Stalk Mulch and Strip of Reinforced Terrace of Surface Runoff,Erosion and Farming Results" has been carried out on dry land farming of Keduang Sub-watershed, Bengawan Solo Watershed in Sendangsari Village, Batuwarno Sub-District, WonogiriRegency were then analyzed descriptively by the researcher. Results showed that BiyongaGorontalo Sub-watershed has an erosion value without treatment obtained from the calculations ofUSLE Method was 150.09 tons Ha-1year-1, whereas in Keduang Solo Sub-watershed the value ofsoil erosion on untreated soil was 12.77 tons Ha-1 year-1. The combination of given treatments wasthe provision of mulch and grass strips. The erosion category of both Biyonga and Keduang Sub-watersheds was classified as heavy, but with the application of vegetative soil conservationtechnology (mulch and grass strips) can reduce the level of land degradation even more and therate of erosion occurs.Keywords: mulch, grass strip, soil erosion, dry land

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