Vol 16, No 2 (2021): EDUKASIA

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Islamic higher Education Curriculum Orientation in Independent Campus Policy

Ahmadi, Ahmadi (Unknown)
Basuki, Basuki (Unknown)
Fadly, Wirawan (Unknown)
Thohir, Muhammad (Unknown)
Ma’arif, Samsul (Unknown)

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04 Nov 2021


Curriculum has strategic values in the era of independent campus. This research aims to construct a curriculum based multiple perspectives tends to learners’ preference and diversity in Islamic Higher Education. It’s a mix-method research. Qualitative methods, using naturalistic design with interactive models, while quantitative methods with cross-sectional surveys to determine the level of stakeholder’s understandings and the result of it. The result found that multiple dimensions leads to an eternal-essential closed to the Oneness of God, creativity, capability. The other one refers to instrument; model, knowledge, organization, sequence, need analysis, purpose, value, and stakeholder. Furthermore, the appropriate one tends to an essential-humanistic technologies curriculum in fulfilling for independent campus recognition.

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