Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn)
Vol 14, No 3: August 2020

Android-based shopping skill for mentally-disable student

Agustina Sri Purnami (Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa)
Mulyoto Mulyoto (Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa)
Bekti Winoto (SLB Negeri 1 Kota Yogyakarta)

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01 Aug 2020


This study aimed to develop an Android-based learning media to improve shopping skills in retarded students. The research method was the design validation stage which is part of the research development. The instruments used in this study were (1) the practicality of the research product questionnaire, and (2) the validation sheet to measure the validity of the research product. The data analysis technique was to determine the average rating of research products, then the average was stated qualitatively in four categories which are very high, high, medium, and invalid. The results showed that the Android-based application media to support shopping skills has been validated by experts and practitioners in the good category.

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