Rekayasa Mesin
Vol 11, No 2 (2020)

Aplikasi Teknologi Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) pada Pembentukan Half Spherical-Shaped Product

Mahmudah, Aida (Unknown)
Permana, Sidik (Unknown)
Setiawan, Haris (Unknown)
Arif, M. Fauzan (Unknown)

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15 Aug 2020


In this study, the single point incremental forming (SPIF) method was applied to the half spherical-shaped vent cap products with 1mm thickness of aluminium. The dimensions of the blank before forming is 1x Ø225mm, and the final dimensions of the product are 69.50 x Ø225mm. Blank material is gripped to the fixture explicitly made according to the final product shape. The SPIF process uses a punch tool with a diameter of 12mm, so the process condition parameters that will be used are 0.5 mm step down, 35 rpm spindle speed, and 1000 mm/min feed. The lubrication used is VG 32 isocut cutting oil. The SPIF process for air cap products is carried out using two forming strategies, namely single-stage and multi-stage. In the single-stage formation strategy, the product experienced a tear at a depth of 18.5mm. Whereas in a multi-stage forming strategy, a product with three forming stages was successfully formed without tears, but experienced changes in dimensions and shape at the end of the final stage. Therefore the testing of SPIF process in a half-spherical shaped still requires development to get the planned shape and dimensions.

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