Scientific Journal of Informatics
Vol 5, No 2 (2018): November 2018

GRAV3D Validation using Generalized Cross-Validation (GCV) Algorithm by Lower Bounds Approach for 3D Gravity Data Inversion

Adhi, Mochamad Aryono (Unknown)
Wahyudi, Wahyudi (Unknown)
Suryanto, Wiwit (Unknown)
Sarkowi, Muh (Unknown)

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29 Nov 2018


The completion of gravitational data inversion results in a smooth recovered model. GRAV3D is one software that can be used to solve 3D inversion problems of gravity data. Nevertheless there are still fundamental problems related to how to ensure the validity of GRAV3D to be used in 3D inversion. One approach used is to use lower bounds as inversion parameters. In this study lower bounds are set from  to . The results obtained show that the use of lower bounds decreases resulting in a larger data misfit which means that the more data that meets the tolerance calculation, the better recovered model produced.

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