Jurnal Studi Komunikasi
Vol. 3 No. 2 (2019)

Identifying the victims of workplace cyberbullying among lecturers

mirawati, ira (Unknown)
Suryana, Asep (Unknown)
Agustin, Herlina (Unknown)
Hidayat, Mien (Unknown)

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02 Jul 2019


Cyberbullying exists not only among kids and teenagers but also adults. It takes place in many work sectors, including education. This research qualitatively investigated the victims of cyberbullying among lecturers. Thirty lecturers in West Java and Banten, fifteen males and fifteen females, were in-depth interviewed in this phenomenological research. Interviews were conducted by using a semi-structured guide. The results revealed that the victims were the “minority” of their group. They are unmarried young lecturers, lecturers with “negative” physical condition, lecturers with unique or silly habits, male lecturers who feel “scared” of their wives, the “ignored” lecturers, and young lecturers with unproductive working behaviour.

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Arts Humanities Languange, Linguistic, Communication & Media Social Sciences


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