BERDIKARI : Jurnal Inovasi dan Penerapan Ipteks
Vol 9, No 2 (2021): August

Inisiasi Pendirian dan Pengelolaan Bank Sampah

Pribadi, Ulung (Unknown)
Aji, Juhari Sasmito (Unknown)
Widayat, Rossi Maunofa (Unknown)

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Publish Date
31 Aug 2021


Environmental conservation is a shared responsibility for the government, private companies, and the community. One of the efforts to protect the environment is to pay attention to waste disposal. Household contribution to waste generation ranks first compared to other sectors. Therefore, efforts should be made to develop public awareness of waste management. The implementation of the service program aimed to build awareness and management of waste originating from household activities. The methods in the community service program were through tutorials and mentoring. The results of the program showed that the community’s more concerned and aware of the importance of waste management. The main indicator of improved community concern was the establishment of the “Kluwih Resik” Waste Bank. 

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