IJIIS: International Journal of Informatics and Information Systems
Vol 4, No 3: December 2021

Data Mining Technology Used in an Internet of Things-Based Decision Support System for Information Processing Intelligent Manufacturing

Ahmad Sulhi (Department of Information System FST UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Indonesia)

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07 Dec 2021


In recent years, database technology has improved significantly, and database management systems have gained widespread adoption. As a result, the volume of data saved across numerous databases has increased exponentially. However, the vast majority of information is hidden beneath this mountain of data. The goal of this study is to get a comprehensive understanding of the decision information system employed in the Internet of Things for intelligent manufacturing data processing. The proposed Decision support system (DSS) information processing is accomplished through the use of an IoT-based intelligent manufacturing data mining model. Numerous DM algorithms that are frequently encountered are analyzed, including the ARS and Apriori Algorithm (AA). The Decision Tree data mining algorithm is investigated, as is the generation of several Decision Trees and the pruning algorithm for digital twins. The findings demonstrate that data mining technology is capable of analyzing statistical data from a variety of angles and perspectives by modeling, classifying, and grouping large amounts of data as well as discovering correlations between them. Additionally, statistical work involves the calculation of data and the use of their correlations to aid in decision analysis. The proposed theoretical framework demonstrates how DSS-integrated components can work cooperatively in Intelligent Manufacturing to define a stable data flow within the Internet of Things. Particular emphasis is placed on conceptualizing the decision support system's integrated performance.

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