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ANALISIS HAMBATAN KELUARGA DALAM CONTINUM CARE TERHADAP ANAK (Studi di Kelurahan Kampung Baru Rajabasa Kota Bandar Lampung )

Fatimaningsih, Endry ( Dosen Jurusan Sosiologi FISIP - Universitas Lampung)

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04 Jul 2013


This study aims to describe the condition of  family knowledge about the rights of children, healthy living and healthy children, explaining the behavior of parents in the treatment berkelajutan  in children, and analyze the barriers  faced by parents / families in order to meet the  childs right  to health care berkelajutan. The format of the selected  studies  in  this research is  the description-analysis  approach to survey and analysis of the family unit. The research was carried out  in Kampung Baru subdistrict Rajabasa Bandar Lampung.The results showed,  first,  knowledge  about the  rights of  the child  respondents indicated that  respondents knowledge  about the  condition of  a variety of childrens rights  is relatively  incomplete.  However,  knowledge  about healthy living  and  healthy children  is relatively  good,  its just  not  implemented consistently in behavior in  child health  care. Second,  the behavior of parents in the treatment berkelajutan  in children  is relatively good, although the priority  for consideration  of economic  capability.  Third,  the barriers  faced by parents  / families in  order to meet the  childs  right  to  health  care  berkelajutan,  include: economic factors,  parental  factors, environmental factors, cultural factors,  the weather and climate, and the childs condition factor.Keywords: Barriers, family, children, childrens rights, sustainable care

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