Nexus Biomedika
Vol 1, No 2 (2012): Nexus Biomedika

Perbedaan Kadar Kuersetin pada Propolis Ekstrak Etanol dan Propolis Ekstrak Air

Yulianti, Nurrini Susanti (Unknown)
Prasetyo, Diding Heri (Unknown)
H, Sri Hartati (Unknown)

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27 Feb 2013


Background: Propolis contains flavonoids. One of them is quersetin.  Solvent used is propolis extraction influence quercetin level of the extract. This research aims to determine whether there is a difference of Quercetin Level in Ethanol Extract Propolis and Water Extract Propolis. Methods: This research is an experimental research. Subject of this research is propolis from Gejen RT 3 RW 2, Kerjo, Karanganyar. The samples were carried out by purposive sampling. Concentration of quercetin is determined by using UV-Vis spectrophotometer by Prussian-blue methode. Five samples are made for each extract. The data then analized using unpaired t-test by SPSS 17 for windows. Results: Averages of quercetin level  in this research   are 10,0480±0,53798 µg/mL in Ethanol extract propolis and 1,0440±0,06804 µg/mL in Water Extract propolis with p < 0,05. Conclusions: There are differences in there is a difference of quercetin content in Ethanol Extract Propolis and Water Extract Propolis. Keywords: Propolis, Quercetin level, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Prussian-blue  

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