Verbum Christi
Vol 9 No 1 (2022): Tentang Volume Ini

Ekaristi, Epiclesis, dan Anamnesis Menurut Michael Welker dan Alexander Schmemann sebagai Diskusi Oikumenis Reformed dengan Ortodoks Timur

Jeconiah Lunardi (Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Reformed Injili Internasional, Indonesia)
Billy Kristanto (Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Reformed Injili Internasional, Indonesia)

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10 May 2022


This paper’s aims to show that the ecumenical spirit in Eucharist is right, based on the Bible, church’s doctrine of Reformed tradition and Eastern Orthodox tradition. By conducting a literature study to compare the thoughts of two theologians from the two traditions, namely Michael Welker and Alexander Schmemann, this study has found that the Holy Communion  unified the vertical dimension and the horizontal dimension which makes God’s people from all ages and places united as a holy and universal church, and  with the presence of Christ in every Holy Communion.

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