International Journal on Education Insight
Vol. 2 No. 2 (2021)

Describing remote learning at Neutron Yogyakarta tutoring institution

Dinda Genius Anggun Maretha (Universitas Ahmad Dahlan)
Faisa Nirbita Mahmudah (Universitas Ahmad Dahlan)
Muhammad Naufal Husni Ahlam (Universitas Ahmad Dahlan)
Rofiif Mahardhika Putra (Universitas Ahmad Dahlan)
Burhanudin Arif Nurnugroho (Universitas Ahmad Dahlan)

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20 May 2022


This study aims to describe the activities of remote learning at the tutoring institution (Lembimjar) Neutron Yogyakarta. This research was conducted at the head office of Lembimjar Neutron Yogyakarta using descriptive qualitative research methods. The subjects in the study were staff and teachers who were involved in remote learning. Data collection techniques through direct observation and unstructured interviews. The implementation of remote learning is carried out by collaborating with interactive live streaming learning through Zoom Meetings and programmatic consultation. Activities for remote learning as a form of adaptive learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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