MIMBAR (Jurnal Sosial dan Pembangunan)
Volume 38, No. 1, (June, 2022) [Accredited Sinta 2] No 10/E/KPT/2019]

Small Claim Court in Sharia Economic Dispute Settlement: Overview of Sharia Economic Principles

Neni Sri Imaniyati (Universitas Islam bandung)
Ratna Januarita (Universitas Islam bandung)
Muhammad Faiz Mufidi (Universitas Islam bandung)
Panji Adam Agus Putra (Universitas Islam bandung)
Yoghi Arief Susanto (Universitas Islam bandung)

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29 Jun 2022


The Supreme Court as the highest judicial body has issued special regulations related to sharia economic disputes settlement. This study aimed at, first, analyzing the implementation of sharia economic disputes based on small claim court in terms of sharia economic principles; second, discovering the relevance of small claim court in sharia economic disputes settlement with Islamic judicial system. This study used normative juridical approach, with library study as data collection technique, and descriptive method. The results show that, first, the implementation of small claim court in sharia economic dispute settlement in Religious Courts still has a contrary process to sharia economic principles, namely the principle of justice and the principle of responsibility; second, there is relevance between the concept of small claim court in sharia economic dispute settlement and the jurisdiction of Islamic judicial system from the aspect of authority, nominal number of cases, and philosophical legal formation. 

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