Jurnal RESTI (Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi)
Vol 6 No 3 (2022): Juni 2022

Development of Mastoid Air Cell System Extraction Method on Temporal CT-scan Image

Syafri Arlis (Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang)
Sarjon Defit (Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang)
Sumijan (Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang)

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02 Jul 2022


Mastoiditis is disease that to infection of the mastoid bone cavity that affects the size of the air cell system of the temporal bone. Visually, the information temporal CT image mastoid bone has can assist medical experts in viewing the mastoid air cell system (MACS), but the fact that medical personnel are experiencing difficulties in determining the size MACS is due to the many different characteristics and objects overlap, so that in the measurement of the area, precise and accurate results have not been obtained. This study aims to separate the object of the MACS with the development of extraction. The proposed method uses Morphology and Regionprops operations. The dataset used in the testing process is 347 of 5 patients indicated for Mastoiditis. The results obtained can calculate the area of MACS for each test image. Based on image testing, the area of the smallest MACS in this study was 0.589 cm2 and the largest was 6.183 cm2. This, the smaller the size of the MACS indicates the severity of infection, so this study can help medical personnel make decisions and take appropriate treatment actions.

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