International Journal of English Education and Linguistics (IJoEEL)
Vol 4, No 1 (2022)

Analysis of Morphological Errors in Students' Writing

Mohammad Sofyan Adi (universitas nurul jadid)

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11 Jul 2022


The objectives of this research to investigated kinds of students’ morphological errors of SMK Ma'arif NU especially in writing narrative. This research is drawn in descriptive method. Twenty students of the tenth grade students at SMK Ma'arif Nu Gending are assigned to write narrative text in English based on the topic provided by the researcher. Students were asked to write text in 90 minutes. In this thesis, the researcher used morphological errors taxonomy to identify the students errors made by them. This research revealed about; the first, the participants contributed noun morphology errors, verb morphology errors, and adjective morphology errors. Second, the most frequent type of morphological errors contributed by participants was ‘misselection’. From this research, the research revealed that first language gave interferes their second language.

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