Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Vol 27, No 2: August 2022

Applying the green Ca2Al3O6F:Eu2+ oxyfluoride phosphorus on white emitting diodes

Van Liem Bui (Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City)
Dieu An Nguyen Thi (Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City)

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Publish Date
01 Aug 2022


Ca2Al3O6F:Eu2+, a new green-emitting and its photoluminescence (PL) characteristics for white-emitting diodes, have been analyzed and generated (w-LEDs). This phosphorus displays a strong absorption range between ultraviolet (UV) and blue region, along with a wide green emission range of 502 nm. The procedure for concentration suppression and Eu2+ luminous longevity has been investigated using Ca2Al3O6F:Eu2+ phosphors. Key characteristics for manufacturing w-LED lamps, such as photoluminesce based on temperature, microstructure, morphology, CIE value and quantum efficiency, were also investigated in Ca2Al3O6F:Eu2+. The findings show that Ca2Al3O6F:Eu2+, is a suitable option for almost UV-excited w-LEDs as a green component.

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