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Student workshet the development based on stem (sciene, technology, engineering and mathematics) based construct 2 assisted lkpd on excretion system materials to improve student's science literature skills in SMA Negeri 1 Kuala T.P. 2021/2022

Novita Ruli Fransiska (Medan State University)
Hudson Sidabutar (Medan State University)

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20 Jul 2022


Abstract The development of STEM-based LKPD (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in this study aims to improve students' scientific literacy skills on excretory system material and is distributed through software construct 2 which has the advantage of not using programming languages . (coding) in its design. The research design applied is a research and development type with a 4-D framework model consisting of four stages, namely: 1) Definition, 2) Design, 3) Development (Develop) and 4) Implementation. The subjects in this study included validators of material experts, learning experts, design experts, educators in the field of biology studies and students of class XI MIPA-4 SMA Negeri 1 Kuala. The data collected and analyzed are quantitative data and qualitative data originating from interview observation sheets, validation sheets from the expert team of validators, educators' assessments and student response questionnaires. The results showed that the LKPD which had been validated by material experts obtained results with an average number of 89.58% with the "Very Eligible" category, the validation of learning experts by 84.16% in the "Very Eligible" category, design experts by 83.86 % with the "Very Eligible" category. ". The results of the assessment from educators in the field of biology studies obtained results with an average number of 94.6% in the "Very Eligible" category, and the results of the student questionnaire responses of 91.2% in the "Good" category.

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