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Vol 6, No 2 (2012): DESEMBER 2012


Sudarman, Sudarman ( IAIN Raden Intan Lampung)

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27 Mar 2015


AbstractIDENTITY AND CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PROPHETS OF ISRAEL IN THE OLD TESTAMENT. Prophets of Israel are aplenty expressed in the Christians Scriptures, both the Old Testament and the New Testament. This article outlines the concept of prophethood in the perspective of Christianity, especially in the Old Testament. The story begins with a brief description of Israel as a nation, as the identity of the brave, the human figure which is similar to a prophet but not the prophet who appeared in nations around Israel. This paper also reveals the titles and the duties of the prophet, the prophet and the condition of ecstasy, and prophets and prophecy. Each theme described consists of several sub-themes that are considered relevant. Prophets of Israel told in the Old Testament occupies a privileged space in the history of Christianity, even prophetic history of other divine religion like Judaism and Islam. The specialty of the prophets lies on the status of his election by God and a special call given to them. A prophet has the duty to receive the messages of God through revelation and convey the messages to the people. The prophet is someone who speaks for name of the Lord with a strong sense of involvement.Kata Kunci: Nabi Israel; Perjanjian Lama; Ekstase; Nubuat.

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