Akrab Juara : Jurnal Ilmu-ilmu Sosial
Vol 7 No 3 (2022): Agustus


Ade Onny Siagian (Unknown)
Trisna Fajar Prasetyo (Unknown)

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05 Aug 2022


A number of farmers, especially in remote areas of Indonesia, find it difficult if there is very little rainfall, because the land irrigation system is carried out by using a water pump. need a system that can drive a water pump using solar panels that does not require a cost in fuel with a selective pumping method and calculates the level of economy of this system. The selective pumping method is used to regulate each pump to turn on and off at a certain voltage with the help of a relay, namely pump 1 runs at a voltage of 9 V and < 13 V then pump 2 starts at a voltage of 13 V. Furthermore, the economic level of this system is calculated by find the total cost value obtained, calculate maintenance costs in a given year and find the total power produced by solar panels each year. The results obtained are the water discharge produced by the solar water pump system (SPATS) and the pump efficiency of the system is directly proportional to solar radiation. On average, solar panels can turn on a water pump for 4 hours in 1 day with an average power of 145.127 Watts and an average water flow rate of 3.07 L/m. In calculating the price obtained in this system is Rp. 4,101 per kWh with BEP in the 20th year for solar energy.

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