Jurnal Kreatif : Desain Produk Industri dan Arsitektur
Vol. 10 No. 2 (2022): Vol. 10, No. 2, Oktober 2022


Faza Wahmuda (Institut Teknologi Adhi Tama Surabaya)
Dio Gani Ramadhan (Institut Teknologi Adhi Tama Surabaya)

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03 Sep 2022


The fashion industry is very quick to follow trends that match the lifestyle of this modern era. The concept of distribution began in the mid-1990s in Bandung. At that time Bandung independent bands were trying to sell their merchandise such as CD cassettes, t-shirts, and stickers other than where they performed. The initial form of the distribution was a home-based business with storefronts and shelves to sell clothes. One of the distributions that has developed at this time in the city of Surabaya, namely CasualCultureco, is a distribution that carries the concept of football supporters. The design of the display rack to show fashion products that will be sold in the distribution also has an effect on increasing sales of CasualCultureco distribution products. The research method used to design this display rack uses descriptive qualitative methods by searching for data in the field related to display racks and conducting interviews with the leadership of CasualCultureco, the method used aims to facilitate researchers in making products which are then analyzed using analysis and design requirements. , analysis of display product types, shape analysis, product placement analysis, ergonomics analysis, product dimension analysis, design style analysis, color analysis, systems analysis, information media technology analysis, structural material analysis and finishing material analysis. The final result is a product with an informative and minimalist concept, this display rack can be disassembled, which makes it easier for users and can also be carried anywhere, besides that on this display rack there are digital displays as information media that informs about products and social media CasualCultureco to consumers.

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