Jurnal Pendidikan, Sains dan Teknologi
Vol. 1 No. 3 (2022): Jurnal Pendidikan, Sains Dan Teknologi

Menanamkan Nilai- Nilai Pancasila Pada Peserta Didik Untuk Membentuk Karakter Perduli Lingkungan Sosial Di Era Modernisasi

Uswatun Hasanah (Universitas Panca Marga)
Vega Fakis Alhamni (Universitas Panca Marga Probolinggo)
M Hilal Muttaqin (Universitas Panca Marga Probolinggo)
Rizka Amelia Putri (Universitas Panca Marga Probolinggo)
Mely TriMaulidya (Universitas Panca Marga Probolinggo)
Nhur Afrika Lita Dewi (Universitas Panca Marga Probolinggo)

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27 Dec 2022


Pancasila is used not only as the foundation of the state, but also as a way of life and ideology. Its function as the foundation of the state provides direction and foundation for the administration of the state, making Pancasila the source of all order and order. interviewed one of the class VI teachers who was willing for us to do a question and answer, Then the group went through a question and answer process to the homeroom teacher for grade VI elementary school teachers and we applied the lecture method to students to keep all students having and exemplifying an attitude of caring for the environment and social attitudes Method research using qualitative methods. Character education is a very complex thing in assessing the quality of a nation, this is related to the moral crisis that has been rife recently, especially in the modernization era. But not all educated people have the right moral attitude. In this regard, a person's character is essentially formed along with the stages of development, character can be influenced by various aspects of the environment, Pancasila is the basis of everything that is done by the nation and is used as the ideology of the Indonesian nation. Then he explained that PKN learning is the development of skills and values ​​to become very good citizens, broadly aware, participatory and tolerant. Implementation of character assessment of the social attitudes of class VI students at Ketopen Elementary School for the 2021/2022 academic year. But not all educated people have the right moral attitude.

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