Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi
Vol 2, No 1 (2014): Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi (JKK) Vol.2, No.1, Juni 2014

Selebtwits: Micro-Celebrity Practitioners in Indonesian Twittersphere

Rahmawan, Detta ( Newcastle University, UK)

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01 Jun 2014


Drawn from the notion that Twitter is a suitable context for micro-celebrity practices (Marwick, 2010) thisresearch examines interactions between Indonesian Twitter-celebrities called selebtwits and their followers.The results suggest that several strategies include: stimulated conversation, audience recognition, and variouslevel of self-disclosure that have been conducted by the selebtwits to maintain the relationship with theirfollowers. This research also found that from the follower viewpoint, interaction with selebtwits is often perceivedas an “endorsement” and “achievement”. However, there are others who are not particularly fond ofthe idea of the selebtwits-follower’s engagement. Some selebtwits-followers’ interactions lead to “digital intimacy”,while others resemble parasocial interaction and one-way communication. Furthermore, this studysuggests that in the broader context, selebtwits are perceived in both positive and negative ways.Keywords: Twitter, social media, micro-celebrity, selebtwits

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